Is Zune 2 Worth a Damn?

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Here's what Zune has for us this year: a 4/8GB flash-based Zune that's the same size as the 2nd Generation nano, a 30GB first-generation Zune that gets updated features and firmware, and a 80GB Zune with the improved Zune pad and larger storage. The question to both new customers and owners of the first-gen: is the Zune 2 worth a damn? The answer is yes, yes it is.

Flash Zune: It's got a great cool scroll pad, high quality screen, ample storage in a slim price, plus just about all the features in the big boy Zunes (including Wi-Fi sync). Verdict: Buy it if you're in the market for a tiny player that does video and Wi-Fi sync.


Zune 30: All the features of the 80GB Zune, but actually the cheapest of the three at under $99 because it's last year's hardware. Verdict: Buy it if you're looking for a great way to break into the Zune ecosystem if you don't need the slimness or storage space of the 80GB model, or the portability of the 4/8GB model, or the fancy new Zune pad.

Zune 80: At 80GB, the top end Zune will hold tons of music and movies, which can be synced automatically via Wi-Fi when you're not looking. Add to that a solid, if basic, software package, the Zune 80's a definite contender to the iPod classic crown. Verdict: Buy it if you want the most space and the most features out of the three options.

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