ISIS Has a New Terrorism Tactic: Doxing US Soldiers

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The Islamic State's "Hacking Division" has posted personal information about more than 100 US military personnel online, and is encouraging supporters in America to use the info to kill the military members. Doxing is the latest digital weapon in ISIS's tech-savvy arsenal.


ISIS claims that it hacked military servers and emails for the information, but the FBI and Defense Department are still investigating, according to the New York Times. It's possible that the Hacking Division simply scoured public records, social media, and address look-up sites to find the information and is claiming a breach occurred as a scare tactic.

[Update 6:24 EST: Yep, that's what happened. All the information ISIS published on the troops was publicly available, according to The Daily Beast.]

However, some of the people on the hit list haven't been publicly linked to campaigns against ISIS, the Times explains. All that's clear so far is that no matter how the group got ahold of the information, ISIS is now deliberately leaking personal details with the express intention to hurt and scare soldiers.

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Hopefully this will turn out to be a pretty empty threat, though I'm sure those named (and their families) will need to take precautions to avoid the crazies.

That said, it's another argument for the need to develop and employ offensive cyber weapons. Why are ISIS digital networks still in operation?