Kids love to draw, but unfortunately they don’t always limit their canvas to just paper. Boogie Board’s cheap LCD drawing tablets ensure you’ll never have to scrub crayon doodles off your walls, and now they’re finally introducing a splash of color.

The Boogie Boards have only ever been available in monochromatic palettes, including the recent Play n’ Trace that used a lovely shade of blue on its screen. But the company’s new $30 Scribble n’ Play featuring Colorburst is the first of its drawing tablets to introduce a rainbow of colors that’s revealed as kids draw on its LCD display using a collection of four styluses cleverly stored around its frame.


And speaking of the aforementioned Play n’ Trace, Boogie Board is also introducing a smaller version of that drawing tablet with the same translucent LCD screen so that kids can practice their penmanship by tracing letters, or just doodle over photos or other images. At just $19 it’s easier to travel with, especially compared to wrangling crayons in a car, and both of the new Boogie Boards are expected to be available sometime in July of this year. [Boogie Board]

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