Italian 'Castle In The Sky' Concept Looks Beautiful

Illustration for article titled Italian Castle In The Sky Concept Looks Beautiful

While there are obvious doubts as to whether this "castle in the sky" will ever leave its concept phase, you've got to admit the idea is breath-taking. Soaring high above, it's the next-gen hydrology system for cities.

Designed for the central-Italian city of Latina by the Atelier Ramdam Architect firm, it would span 2,000 square meters, with the water tower buried beneath the lush landscape and pond. Public could potentially walk up the tower and around the rooftop, making it a landmark offering beautiful views—though coursing through the tower would be the evaporation which leads to vaporization. Then, the precipitation falls back down to earth. [Atelier Ramdam via Designboom]

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'While there are obvious doubts as to whether this "castle in the sky"'

If it had been dreamed up 2 years ago, I wouldn't have had ANY doubt that it would be built in Dubai.