Italian Parliament Legalizes P2P Music Downloads?

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In what appears to be an embarrassing error, the Italian parliament may have accidentally legalized P2P music downloads. The new law allows Italians to legally share music over the internet, just as long as it is done for non-commercial gain and the music is degraded. The controversy arises from the definition of the word "degraded."


Andrea Monti, an Italian copyright attorney, said all music sold on major music download sites is degraded. As such, exchange across P2P networks of these files, and any equivalent type of recordings, would seem to be legal under the new law. The law does restrict the sharing for "educational or scientific" use, but prosecuting offenders will nevertheless be more problematic because of it. The president of the RIAA counterpart in Italy was said to be confident in the restraints of the new ruling, but we imagine he crapped his pants as he said that. [Ars Technica]

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@jkr: I also use P2P but not too much i usually use it to download a mainstream song that i know that the artist is already rich enough and i bought most of my music, i know using P2P is bad but sometimes i just can't afford all my music.