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Whoever said that wearing goofy looking, 100 percent gimmicky AV glasses is out of style...well, maybe they're still right, but Japan's Mikimoto Beans is hoping you forget all that and give their iTheather display glasses a shot. Connecting directly to your iPod (or any other device with AV outputs), the iTheater tries to simulate a 50 inch screen with its two inch, 320 x 240 pixel lenses. Ensuring that you don't have to be tethered to the wall whilst experiencing undoubtedly incredible picture and sound, the lithium ion battery can be charged when plugged into a PC's USB port.


We've mentioned similar devices before, but those were a little more expensive, even though they essentially accomplished the same task. The iTheater will set you back $260 when it's released (in Japan, naturally) later this month. Halloween's only a few months from now—why not grab these and go as a Borg?


iTheater [Mikimoto Beans via]

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