"It's Barack. Really!" Obama Finally Joins Twitter at @POTUS

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Did it take this long to verify him? Is he posting from his BlackBerry? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

After six years in office, President Barack Obama finally has a Twitter account, where he posted his first tweet today:


Those who wished to address the president via social media in the past were limited to his personal account @BarackObama that got taken over by his Organizing for America group, or impersonal options like @WhiteHouse. (@Obama isn’t him, and @PresidentObama was snatched up in 2008 but is not active.)

To be fair, @FLOTUS has had her own account since 2013. So is this like, an account that will go from POTUS to POTUS as the years wear on?


But back to my questions. Supposedly Obama can’t use a smartphone due to security concerns, so where is he typing these, on his ancient BlackBerry? On a laptop in the Oval Office? On a new Apple Watch?

And who is the “they” he references? Twitter? His White House press staff?

Perhaps we will learn these answers soon. And if the president wants to be embraced by his new Twitter audience at all, he better damn well be signing his next tweet #THANKSOBAMA