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Hold Up You Guys, Obama Has a Fitbit Surge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Maybe Tim Cook lost his address? Of all the public figures sporting shiny new Apple Watches this week, the leader of the free world is not one of them. Our president is a Fitbit guy. Fitbit Surge, to be exact.

Wall Street Journal tech reporter Joanna Stern identified the black band on Obama’s wrist during the newspaper’s interview, which was recorded Monday:


This is an interesting development. In February Obama told Re/Code’s Kara Swisher that he did not own a Fitbit and that he was looking forward to seeing the Apple Watch.

But it seems like Fitbit got to him first since the President has sported the device for at least a month—he was spotted wearing it to a basketball game and in meetings.


Perhaps the bigger question here is why exactly does POTUS need a fitness tracker? Is he trying to tone up his bod in preparation for life outside the White House? Perhaps he was urged by FLOTUS to start tracking his steps as part of her Let’s Move campaign?

We do know that he likes to walk, often baffling the Secret Service with rogue outings to Chipotle, even before it was cool for politicians to go there.