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Once again, it's time to entertain the fruit of your loins with a little web application we like to call "tracking Santa as he makes his deposits around the world", or what NORAD calls "NORAD Tracks Santa" (we're much more creative, methinks). This year NORAD's hired a flash designer and spruced up the site a bit, complete with some festive music to put everyone in the mood to peep on the world's favorite fat man.


On the one hand, we're still slightly scared that NORAD's diverting one or more of its satellites to the location of Santa. What better way to take us out than for another country to launch on Xmas. Our first president did it, so it's fair game after all. On the other hand, we're glad it's NORAD and not DARPA that's doing the tracking. We've played Metal Gear Solid, and we know what kind of crazy shit they do. [NORAD Santa]