And here is "Blink" with an introduction and full emo-tastic Who-gazery from the lead singer:

The band also has a new song called "Exterminate Regenerate" - it's got a synth flair and is actually quite a bit better than "Blink." You can hear it on the band's MySpace page. What can we expect next from Trock? Hopefully a huge upswelling of tragic tales of love and betrayal featuring the Master, along with some angry breakup songs from Sarah Jane. I am prepared to fully back this awesome new trend, as long as nobody spins it off into Twock - you know, Torchwood rock. I am not ready to face that quite yet. Thanks, Ria! For Further Listening: Chameleon Circuit MySpace Page An introduction to Filk from BoingBoingTV [via BBTV]