It's really happening! First set pics and videos of Nic Cage in Ghost Rider 2!

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The living spirit of vengeance is back! Nic Cage is in Romania filming Ghost Rider 2, and here are the first set pics and video to prove it. Spooky castles and bad-ass bikes below!

There's really only one reason for optimism about this film — Neveldine and Taylor, the creators of the Crank movies, who are directing this go-around. Can they turn the sequel to a not-particularly-loved superhero film into something worthy of their gonzo style? Let's hope so!

Here's Corvin Castle, which is going to be done up to look like a horror movie location, for Johnny Blaze's confrontation with the forces of Hell:


And here are a couple of snaps of Cage on set, with his kick-ass bike and his trailer:

And here are a couple of set videos, via the Romanian media:

[Oradesebiu and Adevarul and Adevarul, via Marvel Movies on Facebook, more pics at the links]