iTunes Movie Store Details Emerge: $14.99 Per New Movie

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Some hard details regarding Apple's rumored iTunes Movie Store have crept out this morning, with word that Apple will be selling new release movies for $14.99 and back catalog movies for $9.99 perhaps as early as this month, according to reports. Of course, these movies would then be viewable on the iPod. But what use is a movie store if there's no movies?

You see, it appears that one of the big Hollywood studios, either Universal or Sony, has begin digitizing their back catalog going back to 1999 for use on a online store. While the method of compression is a closely guarded secret, it's also worth mentioning that the source of this information—a major studio digitizing its back catalog—was not able to confirm what online movie store the films will be heading to. While Apple's download service is the obvious choice, let's not forget that Amazon appears to be heading into the movie downloading business sooner rather than later.


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