iTunes Shutdown Scare Officially Over, Officially Dumb

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The National Music Publishers Board didn't get their request to the Copyright Royalty Board for a larger cut of digital music sales, putting a definitive end to a miniature media crisis over the "possible" shutdown of iTunes. Apple threw a minor shit-fit over the prospective hike last year, insinuating that they might not be able to continue business if they were "no longer able to do so profitably" (what business sense!), after which the British press decided that music was going to go away forever, or something. In any case, iTunes' profitability was never really at stake, Apple wasn't actually planning to shut down the largest music retailer in the US, and the press needs to calm down. [BBC]



Honestly, would anyone really care if Itunes shut down? Oh wait.. thats right all you suckers who locked yourself to an Ipod would. The rest of the world would be like; Meh.