...from his Motorola i880, his mobile of choice. He wants to know if you are ready for Season 8 of 24, which premieres on January 17. What say you? Ping him back.


No wonder Jack likes the i880—it has a 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder, Walkie-Talkie features, GPS capabilities, Internet microbrowser, voice dialing and voice recorder. It can play mp3s through built-in speakers, and boasts an AgION antimicrobial coating to protect the phone's surfaces from damaging bacteria.

So call Jack—he's literally staring at his Special Ops Watch waiting for his cell to ring. With an LED lightning system, tempered and scratch resistant crystal, carbon fiber dial, and ballistic nylon velcro band, this watch is Jack's go-to timepiece. The LED system has an internal mode for dial illumination, and an external mode for map reading or distress signals which can be seen up to a mile away in the dark.

It's almost time for the Season 8 premiere of 24. Begin countdown to January 17...now!


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