Chinese Zodiac is Jackie Chan's 100th movie, and it's one of his biggest — a single fight scene in this movie reportedly is costing more than $10 million to shoot. And it might be his final action movie, since he's said he wants to retire from doing action films. At the very least, it's reportedly his last big action movie.


And judging from the first trailer, it looks way more fun than most of his outings of the past decade. I like the whole "I can kick your ass without leaving this couch" scene. And Chan is returning to one of his constant preoccupations: the fate of Chinese historical artifacts that are in the hands of callous Westerners. Except that these items, a dozen heads of the Chinese zodiac, have mystical properties of some sort. In any case, it looks fun — which is what we've been craving from Jackie Chan for a long time now. [First Showing]