Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Our First Look at Laurie Strode's Return to Halloween

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The new Halloween movie is sidestepping everything in the franchise that’s happened since the first movie—and the multiple timelines that have wreaked havoc on Halloween continuity—which means it’s time to say hello... err, again to Jamie Lee Curtis’ horror icon Laurie Strode.

Curtis took to Twitter this morning to reveal the first look at herself in costume as Laurie once more, as production on David Gordon Green’s franchise-altering sequel begins. (The director, you’ll notice, is holding John Carpenter’s original slate.) Curtis has returned for Halloween sequels since the first film, at which point the franchise had already split into multiple timelines, where Laurie had died either between films or at Michael Myers’ hands. But the new sequel/reboot Halloween will be set 40 years after the events of the 1978 original—promising a final, fateful confrontation between Laurie and Michael.


As cool as it would’ve been just to see Curtis in the movie—like that first promo picture we saw when her return was announced—this is a pretty natural evolution of the character we first saw being stalked by Michael Myers all those years ago. Hopefully this time, unlike several of the previous Halloween continuities, she survives the experience. Halloween is set to release October 19.