Japanese Ice Suit Equips Ice Packs for Hot Tokyo Summers, Salarymen Now Expected to Give 110% Effort

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This "New Ice Suit" has integrated jacket icepacks, designed to alleviate some of the discomfort of Japanese salarymen who have to walking around scorching Japan streets during the summer. Looks like this newfangled ice technology isn't just for elite-level athletes anymore!


Crunchgear says the suits were designed by Japanese company Haruyama, who have created pouches up near the armpits for specially designed ice packs, which supposedly keep your body nice and cool (see: possibly meaningless graphic to the left).

And for the sake of these salarymen who brave the elements, I hope there's some waterproofing action going on there—otherwise you'll still end up looking like a sweaty mess. These suits can be found across Japan for roughly $520. [Crunchgear]