Japanese Marriage Bra Gently Nudges Men Toward Nuptials, With Boobs

Illustration for article titled Japanese Marriage Bra Gently Nudges Men Toward Nuptials, With Boobs

Triumph international, the same guys who came up with the eminently practical Chopstick Bra, have channeled their proudly insincere energies into fake-solving Japan's declining marriage rate. Behold... The Marriage Hunting Bra.


The garment's described objective is to allow marriage-minded women to essentially wear their ambitions, with a chest-mounted countdown clock (to what?) , pen and seal holster (for signing marriage contracts), and a ring receptacle that beeps "The Wedding March" when filled.

The whole assemblage looks like it would attract more unsolicited boob-touches than marriage proposals, but boob-touching is a known precursor to matrimony. Fact. In other news, somewhere in a quiet suburb of Tokyo, a retired feminism professor just swallowed a gun.

Since it's not currently up for sale, and because it's, well, patently ridiculous, the bra is a jokey publicity stunt more than anything else. But that didn't stop Japanese news outlets from covering it to death, as seen below. As the old saying goes, "If it bleeds involves semi-nude women, it leads." [Reuters via Japanprobe]


The marriage rate around the world is down overall, and its not because the guys dont want to, its because women are saying "no" to marriage, so this bra wont really help.

In a receny survey of young German women, sponsered by the governement to see why they didnt want to marry, the #1 objection to marriage by young women is they dont want to have to clean up after a man.