Japanese pop group builds a new computerized idol out of its members' faces

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The Japanese pop scene has experimented with both hologram stars and up-and-coming robotic idols. Now the producers of the girl mega-group ABK48 have gone and created a synthetic member, Eguchi Aimi, out of the facial features of the existing starlets.


Explains Tokyo Hive of this chirpy Frankenstein:

The features of Eguchi's face were taken from the members, which consists of Oshima Yuko (hair/body), Takahashi Minami (outline), Maeda Atsuko (eyes), Watanabe Mayu (eyebrows), Itano Tomomi (nose), and Shinoda Mariko (mouth). Twelfth generation AKB48 member Sasaki Yukari is confirmed to be the source of her voice as well.

You can watch a video of her creation at the top (warning: extremely bubblegum) and a message from this artificial member at left. This is to The Archies what The Island of Dr. Moreau is to The Chipmunks.


I'm actually all for this computerized chimera pop star trend. Record producers! I want a new, made-to-order sensation with the pipes of Satchmo, the haircut of early 1980s Weird Al, and the head of Jordy Lemoine. On the double!

[Via Rhizome]