Japanese Ringtone Promises to Clear Your Sinuses

A company called Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory has created the "Hana Sukkiri Melody" ringtone, which claims to be able to clear out your sinuses whenever anybody calls you. Ah-whaaaa?


The company claims that "the ringtone will make a nose has resonant frequency with pollens adherent inside your nasal cavity, so eventually pollens fall down." Oh, is that how things work? If so, why don't people just play the tone over and over again into their nose to clear things up rather than relegate it to ringtone status, where they're presumably expected to let the phone ring a few times while they hold it up to their nose before answering.

Luckily, JRTL has some much more sensible-sounding ringtones in the pipeline, including "sleep-promoting ringtone," "ringtone makes your date," "crow scarer ringtone," "ringtone makes your skin beautiful," and more. And I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting years for a ringtone to get these danged crows away from me. Finally! [Asiajin via Twitter]



I don't think they mean 'ringtones'. I think they mean MP3 files that are played by the phone without headphone but for some reason they call it 'ringtone'. Something like those brainwaves sounds for the phone.