Japanese Sapporo Brews World's First Space Beer

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Sure, the Soviets had the first cosmonaut and the Americans won the moon. But leave it to the Japanese to brew the first space beer in history. Called Space Barley, it uses barley grown in the International Space Station.


Made with the collaboration of the breweries, Okayama University, and the Russian Academy of Science, the Space Barley is made only of barley and has no additives. And even while Adam says that it must taste like metal and loneliness, and Jason says that it probably comes out of Bender's ass, I would like to try it. Or precisely because of that.

Sadly, Sapporo has only made 100 litres of this extra-terrestrial beer with a 5.5% alcohol content, which will only be available for a limited tasting in Japan. [AFPBB (Japanese) — Thanks Mona]


LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

Ok so they can't research sex but they they can research brewing beer in space?

Not cool cosmonauts...