Jared Leto Is in Talks to Play Valiant's Bloodshot, and God Help Us All

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Jared Leto may be going from DC to Valiant.

Deadline reports the Oscar-winning actor, also known for his manic portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad, is in talks to star in Bloodshot, the Valiant Comics super soldier in a movie for Sony Pictures.

Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz is helping put Bloodshot together along with director Dave Wilson. The aim is for it, along with Harbinger, to usher in a Valiant Cinematic Universe. And casting Leto would certainly put a marquee name on the potential franchise.


Bloodshot debuted in 1992. He’s an expert killer with nanites in his blood that allow super strength, tissue regeneration, shape shifting, and more. The most interesting about the character, though, is that he was once a normal guy with a family. But, once he became a super soldier, false memories were implanted in his mind to make him forget about all that.

There’s no doubt Leto is a good actor but, as we’ve documented very, very well on this site, he can be a little crazy. Especially during a film’s production. You’d have to think if he does end up playing the role, he’ll be sending shots of blood to his co-stars and stuff.


As for Bloodshot, we’re likely to see him on a smaller scale before Leto ever takes over the role. He plays a key role in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, the company’s ambitious online production that co-stars Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank in the role.

Bloodshot was originally planned to be out this year but, with casting now starting, a 2019 release feels like the earliest. Leto will next be seen in Blade Runner 2049.