Jason Chen and the Time Banana

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This is a real book.

There are so many questions I have just from the cover.

1) What the hell is a Time Banana?

2) What am I doing with a Time Banana?

3) What am I doing on a book?

4) Why am I gesturing for people to go INTO a burning village?

5) Did I take part, or just precipitate the events that lead to the burning of said village?


6) Why is it showing me with a haircut I haven't had since I was eight?

7) Why is the reflection of the town in the water a city?

8) Who is Duncan Richardson and why did he base a book on my life?

9) Why is this the best book description ever?

Mrs B has a secret. And when she says she can't succeed in her dangerous mission without him, Jason agrees to join her for a ride in her Time Banana. They travel back to the 1860s, with the Great Fire of Brisbane looming.

10) Would my book have sold better if I had called it "Jason Chen and the Time Banana"?

I need to get ahold of Duncan Richardson.

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LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

The reflection looks like a mega city, kinda like Evangelion's Tokyo-3 for an added bonus!