Jaust's New Music Video Will Make You Miss Your Slot Cars

Underground street racing isn't exactly a secret, after all, how many The Fast and the Furious movies have been made about it by now? But underground slot car racing? That sounds like the kind of illegal—but not really illegal—activities we can get behind.

Faust's new music video meets documentary for the band's song We Need a New Life goes behind the scenes of LA's underground slot car racing scene, and while it's probably not as seedy as you'd hope it would be, it doesn't look any less appealing. If you've always wanted to get into racing without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars and a race team, you just found your new weekend pastime. [YouTube via Notcot]


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As soon as I heard the first few measures, all I could think of was Our Lips Are Sealed, by the Go Gos.

I loved my slot cars.