Jaw-Dropping Videos Of What The World's Cities Look Like Without People

What if everyone on Earth suddenly vanished, leaving behind pristine cities devoid of human life? These astonishing timelapse videos show us what cities from San Francisco to Shanghai would look like as ghost towns.


San Francisco, directed by Ross Ching

Shanghai, China, in an advertising video for TaoBao Mall, a Chinese-language website for business-to-consumer online retail, now known as Tmall

São Paulo, Brazil, an advertising video of the Corinthians Sports Club Official Store

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, directed by Bruce W. Berry Jr.

New York City, directed by Ross Ching

The dead city of Saarbrücken, Germany, directed by Sebastian Greiber


Washington D.C. without people, directed by Ross Ching

Barcelona without people and traffic, by myLapse


NEVER, a short film that could be a prelude to Mad Max, shot in Paris, France, directed by Juka


Bonus: China's Empty Cities



this actually happed in Chicago on September 11 2001. I was at work and we decided to shut down and go home. As i left i had a 5 block walk to the train. On a normal day I could see about 1000 people walking over 5 blocks downtown easy. I did not see a single person. I think it was the creppiest moment of my life.