This Storm Chaser Captures Monsoon Footage Like You've Never Seen Before

GIF: Vimeo

Meteorologists can predict, with some degree of accuracy, whether or not it’s going to rain tomorrow. But determining the exact severity of an approaching storm isn’t quite as easy. So in order to capture the amazing timelapse sequences in his new film, Monsoon IV, Mike Olbinski had to drive nearly 13,000 miles across the southern US to chase down these massive storms.

Using a pair of Canon 5DSRs and a myriad of expensive lenses, Olbinski captured over 110,000 photos, with roughly half of them ending up in this eight-minute long film. Don’t bother watching this on your tiny computer monitor at work, though. Wait until you get home; it will finally justify all that money you spent on a new 4K flatscreen.

[Mike Olbinski]

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It’s always kind of fascinating seeing those sudden downpours and thinking about how the temperature drops when it does, not to mention, being able to actually see, in some cases, rolling dusty winds being stirred up by the burst of rain coming into contact with the ground.