Jeffrey Stephenson's Decomatic Model 12: Wow

Check out master craftsman and PC case modder Jeffrey Stephenson's latest creation which he calls The Decomatic Model 12. There's really a PC inside there, and the case is made of white oak with a gloss lacquer finish. Those are actual chrome steel inserts inside those four supports, which are made of red mahogany. And oh yeah, that knob up front is a programmable USB input device. Sweet.

We're big fans of Stephenson's work, and have long admired his craftsmanship and innovation in previous works such as his Microphone PC, his Humidor NX, and his whimsically toaster-like DECOmputer. Look at this pic of the back of the Decomatic:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

With a bit of the moo-laa, perhaps you could convince Jeffrey to build one of these for you. This latest creation made its debut at CES earlier this month. Bravo!

Product Page [Jeffrey Stephenson]

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