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Jericho Ads Appear More Often On TV Than Jericho

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How many times does the world have to end for people to accept it? If you're talking about fans of CBS' failed apocalypse drama Jericho, the answer would appear to be "at least three." Apparently the cancellation, fan-outcry-inspired resurrection and subsequent re-cancellation of the show haven't dulled their appetites to make Skeet Ulrich America's favorite rural dystopian leading man. Under the jump, view the triumph of blind, terrifying hope over experience.

Fans hoping to re-create the momentum that made CBS reconsider the series' original cancellation haven't just stopped with creating the admittedly-depressing-sounding "Save Jericho Again" website (Seriously, it's the "again," isn't it? There's just something so... plaintive about it); they took the fight to the airwaves, buying ad time in the LA area on the Sci Fi Channel, Discovery Channel and, weirdly enough, History Channel - Maybe there was a package deal? - to bring their plight to the attentions that matter:

How better to show Carol, Karim, Dan, and Jon that we're still behind them 100% in finding a new home for Jericho? How eloquently can we show Jericho's cast and crew that we want them back? How loudly can we show other interested parties considering giving Jericho and our fan base a new home that we're loyal, committed, and never-wavering - that we dig in and fight for something that's so important and meaningful to us?

Well, working together, we think we've done that!! Jericho Rangers have already given so much in time, dollars and effort….but we aren't ready to concede to a hinky ratings system and a lack of appreciation for a show that's touched our hearts unlike any other.


A "hinky ratings system and a lack of appreciation"? Really? I love the idea that Jericho is the one show that doesn't have to be watched by enough people to stay on the air; instead, the fans are apparently hoping that someone will put the show back on the air - or into movie theaters, because that worked so well for Firefly - just to shut them up.

No news seems to be forthcoming, so the jury is apparently still out on this new nuisance vote. If it does work, however, I'm going to be counting on all of you to join my "I Don't Care If You Stick Your Fingers In Your Ears, I Really Want The Return Of Jezebel James Back And You Will Make It Happen" series of web shorts.


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