Chick-fil-A Local Promotion Disappoints a Nation

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A local Chick-fil-A’s offer for unlimited chicken nuggets went viral, prompting social media to lose its shit until it was confirmed that the stuff-you-face deal is not available nationwide. Even Snopes had to step in. Are we so desperate as a nation for nuggets?

The offer from the St. Pete’s Beach, FL Chick-fil-A promised unlimited chicken nuggets, waffle fries and a refillable drink for $12.99 (8.99 for kids) this Friday. Uploaded to Facebook (160,000 shares) and Twitter, it was soon being shared as a cropped image that made the offer appear native to all Chick-fil-A’s, not just the one franchise in St. Pete’s Beach.


Soon the corporate Chick-fil-A pages were filled with inquiries from those whose apparent dream is a never-ending source of chicken nuggets. Corporate fried all hopes by confirming the deal was local.

Falsified and misconstrued offers on social media are nothing new, and considering Chick-fil-A’s very real nationwide “Cow Appreciation Day,” wherein anyone dressed as a cow received a free meal, this wasn’t the craziest dream to dream. This offer was genuine (but only in St. Petersburg), and as Snopes points out, it serves as “a fine example of unintended deal-related consequences.” What a time to be alive.


America is apparently starving for a never-ending pipeline of Chick-fil-A to stuff down its gorge. Ad Age quotes a Chick-fil-A spokesman as saying that an upside of the misunderstanding is that the “passion for the brand is clearly communicated.” You think?

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I mean it’s good...but not THAT good. Honestly, I’d rather have a Portillo’s or Whataburger in trade for some of the excessive Chik-fil-a locations near me.