Jet Works Engine Inspires Tomorrow's Rocket Scientists

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Let's face it—educational toys are not popular gift items. However, the Jet Works Engine is something that curious kids will be excited to find under the tree this year.


The kit comes with 50 parts for kids to assemble into a battery operated simulation of a jet engine. They can also control thrust, turbine speed and jet sounds using the control panel. The way I see it, $30 is a small price to pay to educate our youth—especially if those youth grow up to become successful engineers. Daddy wants a flying, fuel-friendly vehicle before he kicks the bucket. [Discovery Store via 7 Gadgets via DVICE]

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I'm an engineer. Almost all my friends are engineers. Guess what, nobody is pushing engineering as a career for their kids.

Better off buying something on human anatomy. Its pretty hard to outsource a doctor and I'm not seeing many of them lose their jobs.