Jetpack with a 10 Mile Range Available Soon for $226,000

Jetpacks, the invention we've all been waiting to become a reality for as long as we can remember (along with flying cars and teleporters), are pretty much a reality at this point. While a few months ago the only two commercially available jetpacks had paltry flying times of about 30 seconds, Jet Pack International is releasing a new model early next year that'll let potential pilots take to the skies for a generous 19 minutes.


The purchase price of $226,000 comes with an included training course so you don't kill yourself with it within the first few minutes of opening the box, which is probably for the best. You'll be able to travel up to 10 miles between refuels, but you won't be able to just stop by the local gas station with this thing: it runs on jet fuel. But hey, if you paid $226,000 you can afford a few gallons of jet fuel as well. The company hopes to keep bringing that price down as the tech advances, so hopefully by the time I'm 50 these things will cost as much as a Ford Fiesta and I can use it to travel between Manhattan and Brooklyn. [Ubergizmo]


You know those people in the movies, like John McClane or Jackie Chan or what not who fall like 50 feet and bounce around and then go "I need a vacation" but they are not dead?

That's the movies. I'd crap my pants being held up 50 feet in the air by a jet nozzle strapped to my back.