Jon Favreau's spooky encounter in the middle of the desert

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Iron Man director Jon Favreau stars in The Big Empty, in which he gets hired to make a delivery — and winds up out in the middle of the desert, where 27 people in blue tracksuits have a strange mission.

Warning: Video is quite spoilery.

2003's The Big Empty is mostly a sort of kooky indy comedy, in which Favreau copes with weird people in the small town in the middle of nowhere where he has to deliver the suitcase — but the mystery of the suitcase keeps adding more and more bizarre details, including the strange cowboy in black you can see in the clip above. Favreau makes an engaging leading man as a struggling actor who tries to do the right thing, despite all the crazy situations he keeps getting thrown into. As for the mystery of the suitcase(s), the bowling shoes, and the strange light in the sky — you'll have to watch the video above for some hints, or just watch the whole movie. Just pay attention to what happens to the cowboy's throat towards the end. [IMDB]