Jon Snow reveals how dark he's going to go in the new season of Game of Thrones

Jon Snow will be eating, sleeping, and living with the enemy, in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. But does that mean that we'll be seeing a darker version of Eddard Stark's bastard? We caught up with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington, who hinted at the terrible deeds we'll be seeing beyond the Wall.


While Harrington was doing press a for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D at New York Comic-Con we managed to sneak in a few questions about the third season of Game of thrones.

If you were to create additional bastard names for [new] regions of the Game of Thrones world, what would they be?

Kit Harrington: Well there's a few already, isn't there? There's if you're born in the South you're a Flower. Something Flower. And if you're born in the river lands you're a River. So it's kind of always attached to the area. I don't know it would just be something attached to whatever the landscape was.

How dark will Jon Snow go this year?

Kit Harrington:He has tough decisions to make, he always does. He gets a really rough ride in this series and it always tough, kind of having to deal with these things that he has to deal with. I always feel very sorry for him. But it makes him stronger. He sees that he makes mistakes and gets stronger, makes mistakes. He's always got a paternal figure telling him he's wrong. And he learns from that. This season it's going to be a man called Mance Rayder. Last season it was Qhorin Halfhand. The season before that it was his Uncle and his Father. He always has someone there as a patriarchal figure.

Speaking of Mance Rayder, is Jon Snow really going to bond with him over them both being ex-crows, or is he just pretending?

Kit Harrington:I'm not going to say. I'm going to keep my spoilers to myself. All I'll say is the man playing Mance is an actor named Ciarán Hinds and he's a fantastic, fantastic actor. Again, I got to work with one of those favorite actors of mine, and he's going to be brilliant.


Did you feel that Jon feels a kinship with the wildlings since he's a bastard and nobody ever appreciated him?

Kit Harrington:I think he has a shock, because he's always been told that these people are evil. That they're not to be trusted. And then he meets them. He meets a few of them, like Ygritte, and he suddenly realizes that they're just like him, they're just living on a different side of the Wall. So that's a big learning curve. Having to infiltrate the wildlings is a big task for him. He has to become one of them and I think he becomes more one than he thinks he will.


What did you think when you saw the White Walkers for the first time?

Kit Harrington:Loved them, I loved them. I got to work with them at one point. And they're quite amazing really. They hire an actor who is nearly 7-foot and they dress him on in this white costume and it's terrifying, absolutely terrifying.




Game of Thrones is already fairly dark. By the way, I have a question: why are genre fans always excited about "darkness"? To me, "dark" doesn't = good. Sometimes it's really bad (for example, the last couple seasons of BSG).