Joost To Stream Live TV

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Joost will test live streaming TV in the US in early 2008, alongside its pre-packaged on-demand video. The key here is sporting events, which are always better the first time around. But sports mean express written consent, and rather than try to compete with the big boys, Joost may be planning to start at the lumberjack/rodeo/dodgeball level.


When pressed about the high cost of sporting rights, content strategy and acquisition EVP Yvette Alberdingkthijm told paidContent:

"I don't have to play in that league. I do know that, within my own universe of free online viewing, I can do live really, really well, and I'll be starting with that in the US in Q1 next year."


Alberdingkthijm (dare you to say that three times fast) also said that Joost was looking into a "catch-up" option too, where viewers would get to watch live shows on-demand just after they ended. I suppose that's almost as good, and maybe the rights to sloppy seconds are a tad cheaper. [paidContent:UK via Zatz Not Funny!]

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What Joost should get into as far as sports go is college sports, such as Ice Hockey. I'd love to be able to watch all of my team's games instead of the few that FSN will be broadcasting since they went with the Milwaukee Bucks instead of Badger Hockey.