JP Morgan Retracts iPhone Nano Prediction

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Not only was the iPhone Nano prediction obvious, now they're taking it back as "unlikely anytime soon". Told you. [TUAW]




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1. i KNEW IT . . . . those financial firms are just trying to mess with the market too much . . . i think they're finally learning how much influence they can have with the help of us Apple Fanatics!

Posted at 4:28PM on Jul 10th 2007 by Gary Lee

2. They didn't "retract". Its one analyst having a different opinion than his colleague and making that difference public in his research note.

Posted at 4:58PM on Jul 10th 2007 by William Vaughn

3. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it all out. When CEOs of other head companies laughed in Apple's face about entering the phone market they had no idea what they were capable of.

Now, it is very well possible for Apple to take a good chunk of cell phone market share within the next few years. How? With the iPod. The iPhone was created as a trojan horse for the market. The entering product that combines the companies best product, a true iPod, with a revolutionary phone. But it came at the steep $599. How do you get the iPhone into other people's hands? Simple, it already is in their hand.

Apple holds 60% market share of the DAP market. Apple just recently patented an iPod nano build with rotary dialing using the click wheel. Apple plans to install phone hardware and software into their iPods so that people who purchase the players will have the choice of bringing the phone into cellular service.

But what about the other necessary phone applications? Web, camera, SMS, the usual. Well, it's all set in place also. At a company meeting last month, Steve Jobs said himself that they were already creating iPods that run OSX, the company's computer operating system. With the OS, the iPod could run all the applications that the iPhone does.

This is just a theory, however, it does seem highly likely that the new iPods a couple years from now will come prebuilt with phone capabilities. This is Jobs' vision, to not only take over the DAP market, but also the cellular market at the same time.