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Jubilee Will Lead a New Team of Teen Mutants in the New Generation X Comic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An original Gen-X team member will be leading the charge in Marvel’s new young mutants series! Jubilee is back at the Xavier Institute, and this time she’s in charge... although the group she’s been left with leaves much to be desired.

Revealed this morning by CBR, the new Generation X series—written by Christina Strain with art from Amilcar Pinna—will focus on the revival of the Xavier Institute, at a new location in the heart of Central Park in New York. At the new school, upcoming Mutants will be split into three distinct wings: Future X-Men, future ambassadors of the Mutant race... and then the rejects, Mutants with benign powers, or Mutants that have failed at being potential X-Men or ambassadors. Generation X will, naturally, focus on these misfits.


Jubilee’s specific team in the series, although she’s in charge of the wider wing of misfit mutants, is a cavalcade of obscure characters from the comics. Quentin Quire (a jerk with psionic abilities), Eye-Boy (who has, err, eyes all over his body), Ben Deeds (who can morph himself into someone else’s appearance), Lin Li (Nature Girl, with heightened affinity for the natural world), Bling! (who can form her own diamond skin shell), and a new character, Nathaniel Carver, who can use psychometry to see someone’s past through touch.


The series will feature appearances by former members of the Generation X series, including Chamber, who will act as a confidante for Jubilee, but otherwise, the series will focus on Jubilee’s trials and tribulations as she tried to wrangle this team of unruly youngsters into something that might resemble a superhero group.

Generation X is set to begin next spring.