Judge to Copyright Crazy Lawyers: STFU and Stop Wasting My Time

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Remember that mediocre and wholly forgettable action film, The Expendables? Probably not, because of the two aforementioned adjectives. But 23,322 illegal downloaders were targeted by the film's legal team—an endeavor a judge is now calling bullshit.

Ars reports Federal Judge Robert Wilkins told the crew at Dunlap, Grubb, and Weaver that their case was "inexcusable." Why? The attorneys demanded expedited subpoenas for the 23k+ defendants—most of whom weren't even living in DC, where the suit was filed—and then didn't do anything with them, wasting the court's time in the name of copyright intimidation. "The Court finds it inappropriate and a waste of scarce judicial resources," barked the judge, "to allow and oversee discovery on claims or relating to defendants that cannot be prosecuted in this lawsuit." So, basically, stop wasting our time with your efforts to recoup money on a shit movie, law firm.

Just more proof that IP scare tactic ninnies are just that. [via Ars, Photo: Shutterstock/Rafa Irusta]