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July Mac Chick of the Month

Illustration for article titled July Mac Chick of the Month

Yes readers—it's that time of month again, when the blind can see, the hungry can eat and everyone becomes an Apple fanboy for one post. This is Justine Sane, Macenstein's July Mac Chick of the Month. She's on a podcast at EnterCourseTV and enjoys activities like stripping down around her Macs and...that's pretty much what we know on the topic. Hit the jump for a larger version of the picture and a bonus shot—we kept it small so no one would yell at us this time/our wife wouldn't notice we posted this.

Illustration for article titled July Mac Chick of the Month

You love Apple? Me too!

OK, you can commence hating Apple.


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This thread rules! A hot chick and comments by Mac haters! Does this site just keep getting better or what?!

On a side note, what kind of moron gets a corporate tattoo on their body?

There is only 1 acceptable corporate tattoo and that is Harley Davidson. Corporations, including Apple, just want your cash. You think Steve Jobs gets all gushy thinking about the uber-loyal Mac users? I guarantee that he sees dollar signs instead of fanboi faces. At least M$ is honest about trying to rape your wallet.