JumpSnap: Jump Rope Minus Rope

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Rope is so 2005. And the JumpSnap agrees. It's a jump rope system that doesn't use rope. Instead, it appears (little info on their site) that weighted ball spin on handles to make it feel like there is a rope, even though there isn't. We expected some complex motion-sensing, laser guidance system. Apparently such technologies are still triumphed by good old weighted balls.

The idea isn't necessarily bad - especially if you live in a home where you don't want to scuff the floors/ceiling/cat. But at $60, the JumpSnap is about $55 too expensive.
Thanks Jacob!

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Do these look like adult fetish toys to anyone else? of course, I guess rope is also used in that fashion.

Jump rope just isn't the same if you can't trip on it and embarrass yourself in the employee gym in front of that nice girl from accounting.