Just A Moment Clock: Take Time to Read the Time

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Making it harder to figure out what time it is seems to be the latest trend in the fast-paced, take-no-prisoners world of clock design. I'm not sure what's wrong with the tried and true analog and digital clock designs, but if you're too edgy for something as boring as that, perhaps you'll apprciate the Just A Moment Clock.

It separates the hours, minutes, and seconds hands so you have to read across! How clever. I'll stick with my digital watch, thanks.


Product Page [via Josh Spear]

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DIY guide by Whiskey:

Get three "el cheapo" alarm clocks.

Stop them at exactly 12:00:00.

Disassemble to get where the hands are.

Take apart one and leave just the hour (shortest) hand, let it rest at 12.

Take apart the second one, leave just the minutes, be sure to place it at 60 (ok 12 but in minutes)

Same goes for the third one but with the seconds hand.

Now (and here is the tricky part) ask your parents permission to use the scissors and cut a cardboard rectangle that will hold three said clocks in place, you could add also a front face so you could make them look like the product shot (To do this you would have to punch holes on it and take apart again the hands and place them back so it's easier to mount, but this would actually make it easier to read, so i would discourage it).

Total cost? If you get the clocks on the cheap and already have the cardboard and scissors, i would say 3 bucks.