JVC GD-32X1 32" HDTV Is a Quarter-Inch Thick (If You Ignore Its Bulbous Ass)

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JVC is no stranger to ultra-thin HDTVs, and the GD 32X1 is, by all accounts, their slimmest 32-inch 1080p screen ever. But to outright say it's 6.4mm thick is a little bit of a stretch, don't you think?

That figure is derived from a panel measurement above its lumpy rear, where the bulk of the TV's hardware and ports are located. That said, the TV is designed such that this semi-companion-box is narrower than the screen's bezel, so that from most angles the TV does look as thin as JVC says it is. Their weigh claim, which probably isn't fudged, is impressive as well, at 5.7kg, or about 13 pounds.


Sadly, this is intended as a commercial display product, and there's no indication of when—or if—it'll even make its way beyond Japan's borders, or what'll it'll cost. [Akihabara]