JVC HX Series Mobile Speakers

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We know we've been a little remiss on good car stuff, but we're getting there. Promise. JVC, for instance, announced a new line of six HX Series coaxial mobile audio speakers at CES, all featuring neodymium and strontium magnets, a metal sputtering olefin woofer cone and 3-Way Installation. The line-up includes two 6 x 9-inch models, one 6 x 8-inch model, two 6 -inch models, and one 5 -inch model—with maximum power handling ranges from 220 to 500 watts. Pricing starts at $50 to $130.
Also look for 2 new V4-Series speaker systems, made specially to fit Ford, Mazda, GM and VW vehicles. The CS-V6834 goes for $70 and CS-V4624 retails for $50.


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