K-OS Switch

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This looks a bit too black box for our taste, but let's give it a chance. It seems to be a mini-PC with RGB, S-Video, and Stereo Audio out as well as an Ethernet jack. It can supply IPTV, Video-on-Demand, and gaming as well as wireless keyboards smartcards. This paragraph:

Imagine a computer so small that it fits in your pocket and allows you access to over 37,000 software titles. Software includes games, office software, design software and multi-media software that can plug into your TV set or your computer monitor. The K-Otic guru's of K-OS Technology have created such a system called the K-OS Network and the pocket sized computer we call The Switch.


... makes us thing that this may be just a tiny, web-based miniPC with a bunch of open source software available for use online. We're going to do a little digging and figure this thing out for you all. $149.95 for the box and $69.95 for a year of service.

Product Page [K-OSSystems]