Kamado Ceramic Barbecue Grill: High-Style Grillin' for Billionaires

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Get yourself a ceramic grill and burn animal flesh in luxury style. The Kamado Ceramic Barbecue Grill is said to make your barbecued victuals "look and taste different and better." Not sure about that taste claim, but it could certainly make your patio look better.

It's available in a variety of colors and five sizes, and you can burn charcoal or configure it for natural gas or propane. The gas config is designed to work with gas-only, charcoal-only or combination of both.


Its ceramic form factor makes the thing last longer than you will, and its design is said to keep the home fire burning even in a 70mph wind. If you can overcome its burial urn looks, pick one up of these hot grills starting at a cool $2000.

Product Page [Kamado, via BornRich]

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