Kamen Rider Zero-One Rides Again in Titan's New Comic

The tokusatsu hero stars in an all-new, original story from writer Brandon Easton and artist Hendry Prasetya.

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The black-and-green-masked Kamen Rider holds his fist aloft with an explosion behind him.
Image: Titan Comics/Toei Company

Spider-Man might be the most popular insect-adjacent superhero in the United States, but in Japan, he’ll always play second fiddle to Kamen Rider. The masked, motorcycle-riding hero, one of the stalwarts of the tokusatsu genre, has been a mainstay on Japanese TV for over 50 years. Now, the story of the 2019 series Kamen Rider Zero-One continues this November in a new comic from Titan.

Kamen Rider Zero-One follows Aruto Hiden, a young man who becomes the CEO of Hiden Intelligence, a company that makes highly intelligent androids called Humagears, as well as the titular hero. Courtesy of writer Brandon Easton and artist Hendry Prasetya, here’s the series’ official synopsis: “Aruto Hiden is Kamen Rider Zero-One! Along with his trusty Humagear companion Izu, he’s saved the world numerous times as the insectile superhero! But when his company Hiden Intelligence is attacked by the mysterious Ragnarok, Aruto must not only face the volcanic cluster cell-powered villain but also his own past…”

Here’s one of the first issue’s covers, featuring (from left-to-right) Zero-One’s allies Kamen Rider Vulcan and Kamen Rider Valkyrie, the Humagear Izu, and then of course Zero-One front and center:

Image for article titled Kamen Rider Zero-One Rides Again in Titan's New Comic
Image: Titan Comics/Toei Company

The first issue of Kamen Rider Zero-One arrives on November 23 from Titan Comics, which you can pre-order here. We’ll have more coverage throughout the week, so stay tuned!

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