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There is for season one. An official trailer was released on August 23. Before that it was San Diego Comic Con that gave us another trailer on July 22. A main teaser trailer was released on July 14. This teaser comes after the one released at the Super Bowl on February 13, it gives us a look at a few notable faces and the sweeping vistas of Arda, largely focusing on cryptic shtos of Morfydd Clark in action as Galadriel. (See More: The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’s Stunning First Teaser Is Here)


Empire Magazine released all four cover variations of its forthcoming Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power issue. We also got an image of a Snow-Troll on June 5 from Empire Magazine, as well as our first look at the Harfoots. There are no trailers for season two.

Who is in the cast? Who do they play?

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The Rings of Power has an incredibly large cast, including Will Fletcher (Finrod), Amelie Child-Villiers (Young Galadriel), and Beau Cassidy (Dilly Brandyfoot). In December 2020, Amazon announced a whopping 20 new additions. Deep breath, added to the cast were: Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Queen Regent Míriel), Ian Blackburn (Rowan), Kip Chapman (Rían), Anthony Crum (Ontamo), Maxine Cunliffe (Vilma), Trystan Gravelle (Pharazôn), Sir Lenny Henry (Sadoc Burrows), Thusitha Jayasundera (Malva), Fabian McCallum (Thondir), Simon Merrells (Watchwarden Revion),​ Geoff Morrell (Waldreg), Peter Mullan (King Durin III), Lloyd Owen (Elendil), Augustus Prew (Médhor), Peter Tait (Tredwill), Alex Tarrant (Valandil), Leon Wadham (Kemen), Benjamin Walker (High King Gil-galad), and Sara Zwangobani (Marigold Brandyfoot). (Read More: Lord of the Rings Adds 20 Cast Members, and We Have No Idea What They’re Doing)

In late 2019, it was reported that His Dark Material’s Morfydd Clark had joined the series, playing a younger version of the Elven ruler Galadriel, portrayed by Cate Blanchett in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. (Read More: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s Morfydd Clark on Galadriel as a Warrior)


But Galadriel isn’t the only familiar face or notable figure from Tolkien’s lore in the show. Amazon has confirmed alongside Clark’s casting that Robert Aramayo will play Elrond, the future lord of Rivendell played by Hugo Weaving in the movies, while Celebrimbor, the Elven forgemaster deceived by Sauron into helping craft the rings of power will be played by Charles Edwards. Beyond Elves, the series has cast Maxim Baldry as Prince Isildur, the son of the future king of Gondor and Arnor, Elendil, and has teased a host of original characters as well: Charlie Vickers as a human named Halbrand that allies with Galadriel, Ismael Cruz Cruz Córdova and Nazanin Boniadi as the Silvan Elf Arondir and human healer Bronwyn caught in a forbidden romance, and Sophia Nomvete as Disa the Dwarven Princess of Khazad-dûm. (Read More: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s Cast on How the Show’s Elves and Dwarves Will Surprise Us.)

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The Rings of Power | First Fandoms

While we don’t know every character appearing, we do have a vague inkling of just some of the aesthetic of the show: in early February 2022, Amazon released the first character posters for the series, teasing 23 different characters of various races—including a teasing glimpse of the Dark Lord Sauron. (Read more: Give Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s Character Posters a Hand)


Season two has gotten a huge additional cast, including:

How can I watch The Rings of Power?

The show will stream exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, which will require a subscription. There is also an appendices available.


You can find our episode recaps below:

What’s next for the Lord of the Rings franchise?

We don’t know much of Amazon’s plans for the future of The Lord of the Rings beyond at the very least a second season of The Rings of Power. But we do know that there is at least one more Lord of the Rings projects coming to screens: last year Warner Bros. Animation and New Line Cinema announced that Kenji Kamiyama (Ultraman, Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045) will direct The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim, a CG anime movie that tells the story of Helm Hammerhand, the legendary king of Rohan who’s reign saw the construction of Helm’s Deep, the fortress besieged by Saruman’s Uruk-Hai in The Two Towers. (Read More: Lord of the Rings Returns to Helm’s Deep for an Anime Film About the King of Rohan)


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