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Kamy: Facebook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Psy isnt the only singer able to transform a critique of modern society's pitfalls into a catchy song number. In tonight's Soundtrack, Hungarian pop singer Kamy let's Mark Zuckerberg know what she really thinks of him.

Lyrics translated to English:

Face, face, face, face, facebook (w/ Hungarian pronunciation)
Sharing, pushing, commenting, liking
Push it, like it after another
(gypsy slang)


Facebook (vocal scatting)
Facebook (vocal scatting)
It's good to Facebook!

In the morning, when I get up (vocal scatting)
I don't even open my eyes,
But I'm already logged in.
A beautiful good morning to everyone!


If your heart aches,
Or joy or happiness has found you,
You can shout it out to the world,
you can share your experiences.

I have Facebook fever (vocal scatting)
I'm a prisoner, my dear God!
I share it, press it, like it,
wherever I am.

The whole wide word has Facebook fever,
Facebook, (Facebook Facebook)
Facebook, (Facebook Facebook)

Sometimes, when boredom overtakes me,
I want it, and start facebooking,
I get hooked and if I switch my brain off,
I forget all my worries.


Facebook, (vocal scattin)
Facebook, csigidappapá
Facebookolni jó!

A modern commune of the world wide wide web,
a bombastic social form
Online party, virtual place,
you won't sense time or space here anymore!


So cool, (vocal scatting)
come on, comment!

Keep talking, spill the beans,
you can do it non-stop, here love is free!

I have the Facebook fever
I became a prisoner, my dear God!

This sickness is contagious,
the whole wide world has the Facebook fever!

Don't you poke me,
don't you mess with me,
cause I'll pull your ear,
and block you.


Don't poke, don't mess, don't play with me!