Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Written A Novel About Mycroft Holmes

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Most folks know him from his basketball career, but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also a best-selling author (an autobiography, several non-fiction tomes, and multiple books for kids), and an undercover airplane pilot (to cult-movie fans, anyway). And now, his first novel (with co-author Anna Waterhouse) stars Sherlock Holmes' older brother.

Reports the New York Times' Artsblog:

Set in England and Trinidad, the story centers on Mycroft, a recent university graduate working for the British Secretary of State for War. Mycroft learns from his best friend of troubling events occurring in Trinidad — mysterious disappearances, dead children and strange, backward facing footprints in the sand. Mycroft goes to Trinidad to investigate and to follow his fiancée, Georgiana, who was raised on the island. Sherlock has a cameo as a King's College student.


Decades ago, Abdul-Jabbar developed a particular interest in Mycroft Holmes, and the idea for a novel started to form.

"I realized more could be done with this 'older, smarter' character and his window onto the highest levels of British government — at a time when Britain was the most powerful country in the world," Mr. Abdul-Jabbar said in a statement.


The work, titled Mycroft Holmes, is due in the fall from Titan Books, an imprint that's no stranger to Sherlock-centric tales.

Via New York Times Artsbeat, via Laughing Squid.

Image via Ace Showbiz.