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A couple weeks ago, a reader asked us for help. He couldn't figure out how to propose to his girlfriend in a way that would adequately express how much he loved her. So we turned to you...


Marching bands! Magicians! Superheroes! One total creep! Girls in fish tanks! Guitar players! Shirtless dudes! You guys totally came through—scores of you sent in videos, and we mashed them together into something that we think is pretty special. If you sent something in, your name is in the credits (except for you, creepy guy).

Anyway, in a couple minutes, Sean and Katie will return to their hotel room in Asheville, North Carolina, where Katie is attending a veterinary conference. Sean's gonna fire up the ol' laptop and say something smooth like, "hey baby, check out this Web video." Katie will wander over, expecting yet another clip of someone having built the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft...

And then this will play:


UPDATE: Just heard from Sean. She said yes. And cried. Aww.

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