Kayaker Takes "Best Ever" Shot of English Sea Monster Using Cellphone

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Cellphone cameras are everywhere. Kids, adults—all armed to the teeth with capable cameras. With so many in so many hands, it's no surprise that a kayaker just captured the best photo ever of an infamous English sea monster using—you see where I'm going with this, yes?—his cellphone.

The kayaker was Tom Pickles, and IT guy on retreat with his company, CapGemini. The lake, Lake Windermere. The creature was the English version of Nessie, called Bownessie, and not the infamous creature Nessie that legend says still patrols Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

The picture was deemed "authentic [...] but because it's been taken on a phone the file size is too small to really tell whether it has been altered on Photoshop or not," said photo expert David Farnell of Farnell's photographic laboratory in Lancaster.


Whatever it might be, Bownessie sounds absolutely terrifying:

Mr Pickles said he saw an animal the size of three cars speed past him on the lake and watched it for about 20 seconds. He said: "It was petrifying and we paddled back to the shore straight away. At first I thought it was a dog and then saw it was much bigger and moving really quickly at about 10mph. "Each hump was moving in a rippling motion and it was swimming fast.

Sonar surveys of the loch have, as expected, turned up nothing over the past five years, but that hasn't stopped people from reporting a creature that looked very much like what Pickles captured this week. There have been no fewer than eight sightings of a multi-humped creature patrolling the water since 2006. [The Telegraph]

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Nothing to See Here!

I hear about these monsters and shit in British lakes, and I feel it's just complete bullshit. And it must be. It seems like something to boost the lakes popularity or something.

With the technology we have today, why can't we get a good picture/go under and find it? Because, it's bullshit....BULLSHIT! Really, the only picture (Or, best picture I guess) we have looks like it's from the 1920's. We're in 2011 people.

Besides, in Loch Ness, there's a model of this so called monster. Some big model that just floats about in the lake.

Anyway I looked on Google Images and this popped up.